Anwar al-Bunni

Anwar al-Bunni (born 1959) is a Syrian human rights lawyer. Al-Bunni was born in Hama to a Christian family active in dissident leftist politics. According to an interview with American journalist Robin Wright, he became interested in defending dissidents after being beaten, bayonetted, and having his beard set on fire by Syrian soldiers during a […]

Aref Dalila

Aref Dalila (born 1942) is a Syrian economist and former Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Damascus University. He is currently working as a Senior Economic Researcher at Orient Research Center in the UAE. He was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment in 2002 on charges of “trying to corrupt the constitution, inciting armed rebellion and spreading false […]

Saleh Mubarak, PhD

Saleh Mubarak earned a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering, an MS in structures, and a PhD in civil engineering/construction management. Between academics and industry, his professional career spans over 28 years. He is an established professional instructor at seminars in project management, particularly in planning & scheduling, cost estimating, and project control; with a […]

Issam Khoury

Issam Khoury is a prominent human rights journalist and writer. His valuable experience in Arabic and electronic press exceeds fifteen years. He has established strong contacts with businessmen, press media, and civil society in the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa. Presenting extensive knowledge on the political situation in the Middle East, North Africa, as well […]

Bassam Yousef

Bassam Yousef earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He was held in Saydnaya Prison from 1987-1997. Yousef currently serves as an administrative board member for the ‘Together for Free and Democratic Syria’ movement. A journalist since 2001, he became Chief Editor of ‘We are all Syrians’ in 2014. Yousef has recently settled in Sweden. […]

Nahed Alsayed Suleiman

Nahed Suleiman is a retired translator who currently resides in Qatar. He received a Master of Arts in English from Iowa State University in 1987. He has been a prominent civil society activist within the Syrian community in Qatar,  with an aim to establish a Syrian National Fund that can relieve some of the suffering […]

Lina Gharibeh

Lina Gharibeh studied trade and economy in Syria, but has been living in Austria for 24 years. Garibeh is a language instructor, translator, and consultant in many Austrian associations   تحمل لينا شهادة جامعية في التجارة والاقتصاد من الجامعة السورية. تعيش في النمسا منذ 24 عامًا. هي مدربة لغة ومترجمة ومستشارة في العديد من الجمعيات […]

Faiz Sara

Faiz Sara is a well-known Syrian writer. He was born in Giroud, the countryside of Damascus, in 1950. He studied Political Science at the University of Damascus. Sara began his career as a journalist in 1973, is a co-founder of numerous media outlets and has been published in many newspapers. He has op-ed columns in Asharq […]

Dr. Ali Abu Awad

Ali Abu Awad is the current Director of the Qasyoon Medical Center, located in the Golan Heights. He completed his medical studies in 1984 at Damascus University. Specializing in general surgery in occupied territory hospitals, Awad served in Charity Magased Hospital in occupied Jerusalem during the first uprising, from 1990 to 1995. This enriched his […]

Taofik Alhallak

Born in Deir Attiya, Syria in 1950, Taofik Alhallak is a writer and prominent media personality. He received his  degree in Sociology from Damascus University in 1980. As a producer of several TV programs in Syrian television from 1975 to 2011, Alhallak has presented various political programs for Saudi and UAE television. He created his […]