Urgent Letter for Protection and Monitoring of the Governorate of Idlib, Syria

The Permanent Representatives to the United Nations: US Ambassador Mrs. Nikki Haley UK Ambassador Mrs. Karen Pierce French Ambassador François Delattre Chinese Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mujerini UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo International Envoy to Syria Stephane de Mistura President of the United Nations General Assembly Miroslav Lajčák Security Council President, Ambassador Joanna Wronecka, Permanent Representative of Poland to the UN The United Nations Commission on Human Rights Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit Chairman of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen Secretary-General of the Arab Parliament Mish’al Bin Fahad Al-Salmi

Subject : Urgent letter for protection and monitoring of the governorate of Idlib, Syria

Ladies & Gentlemen:

We, the undersigned members of the Syrian Democratic Consultants Committee, the Syrian Democratic Union, and Syrian intellectuals as well as national figures, send you this message in your capacity as decision-makers and officials in international and regional organizations who strive on maintaining world peace.

As you certainly are aware, the Idlib region now has a population of more than four million people, including over two million displaced civilians living in dire and inhumane conditions. These people face a deadly future if immediate action is not taken by the international community to protect them from the Syrian regime and from the foreign radical militias and terrorist groups that include al-Nusra and Da’esh.

We, therefore, find it a top priority for the international community to urgently send international peacekeepers to Idlib governorate, as happened in southern Lebanon, in accordance with UN Resolution No. 377 of 1950, ‘Uniting for Peace’. We also believe in the need to work towards the implementation of United Nations resolutions and the Geneva 1 course, which has been affirmed by many Syrians, including our plea to activate the UN Principle “Responsibility to Protection,” in order to prevent another massacre in Idlib and the displacement of more refugees.

“The Russian forces will work to eliminate the organization of the al-Nusra Front in the province of Idlib before the end of this year,” announced the website of the Russian central channel of the military base on April 24th. The recent meeting of foreign ministers of Russia, Iran, and Turkey in Moscow reportedly focused on a strategy that the province of Idlib “must be free from terrorism”.

This means that Eastern Ghouta’s fate is awaiting Idlib. So where would the millions of Idlib residents seek shelter? Is the world ready to receive another large wave of migrants?

We reiterate that al-Nusra and Da’esh were keen to fight the rebels and pursue the liquidation of peaceful activists. These two terrorist organizations don’t represent the Syrian people known for their historical moderation.

In light of this, we reiterate the need for coordination with the UN General Assembly to achieve the following:

1) Declare Idlib an area under the supervision of the United Nations Secretary-General 2) Send international peacekeeping forces to protect the last assembly of displaced Syrians inside Syria and stop the scheme of forced displacement 3) Transfer the Syrian file to the United Nations



Residence Title Name Sr
France Writer & Politician Fayez Sarah 1
Jolan,Syr Doctor of medicine Dr.Ali AbuAwwad 2
UAE Former Syr Minister & Ambassador Dr.Riyad Nassan Agha 3
Washington Writer & Researcher Marah Bukai 4
Germany Legal Consultant Eisa Ibrahim 5
Germany Artist Abdul Hakim Kutaifan 6
Sweden Writer Bassam Yousef 7
Germany Novelist & Poet Ibrahim Aljabin 8
UAE Prof. Philosophy Dr.Ahmed Barqawee 9
Washington Writer & media person Tawfeeq Alhallaq 10
Damascus Journalist and writer Ali AlAbdullah 11
UK Poet & Head of Syrian Writers Association Nouri Al jarrah 12
Germany Inventor & University Professor Prof. Adnan Wahood 13
USA Phd. Engineering Dr. Saleh Almubarak 14
USA Phd. Engineering Dr. Fadel AlKhateeb 15
Florida Doctor of Medicine Dr. Saud Sayed sulaiman 16
Sweden Doctor of Medicine Dr. Dorayed Jaboor 17
Germany Doctor of Medicine Dr. Talal Mando 18
Switzerland Journalist Ghassan AlMefleh 19
Canada Writer Michael Saad 20
Turkey Dentist Dr. Abbas Moheb Aldeen 21
Palestine Writer & journalist Mohammad Manasra 22
Egypt Mem. Egypt. Association for Int’l Law Yousef M. Almetany 23
France Researcher & writer Dr. Samira Moubayed 24
UAE Researcher & Historian Khairi Alzahaby 25
Brussel Judge ( previously) Mahasen Fateh 26
Washington Writer & Human Right Actvist Khawla Yusuf 27
France Actor Ramzi Choukair 28
Belgium Journalist  & writer Abdullah Maksoor 29
Germany Human rights lawyer Tareq Hookan 30
Germany Novelist & Writer Mufeed Nijm 31
Alswaida Syr Engineer Bayan H.Salha 32
France Writer & journalist Mishal Aladawi 33
Kuwait Mechanical Engineer Mustafa Hadeed 34
Turkey Political activist Abdulbari Othman 35
New York Journalist & media Issam Khouri 36
Sweden Engineer Akram Al Safadi 37
Turkey President of Syrian Writers Forum Sobhi Dosooqi 39
Alswaida Syr Human right activist Ala Jasser 40
Gulan Syr. Former prisoner in Israeli jails Hayel Hassan Abu Jabal 41
Gulan Syr. Former prisoner & detainee Israeli & Syr. jails Mohamad Naana 42
Lebanon Engineer Maytha AlMubarak 43
France Artist Louis Abdelkareem 44
Canada Engineer Anwar Alomar 45
Lebanon Teacher Daad Horooq 46
UAE Economic Expert Wesam Ashti 47
Austeria Social Activist Mary Therese Kriake 48
Alswaida Syr. University Student Shadi Aldobaisi 49
Alsuwaida Syr. Former detainee Ghyath Saeed 50
Russia Retired translator Adel Mousa 51
Qatar Retired translator Nahedh A.Sulaiman 52
Algeria Retired teacher Sareeh Atasia 53
USA Expatriate Coordination Sawsan Raslan 54
USA TV Cameraman Michel Younadam 55
Austria Expatriate Coordination Dina Alatasi 56
Sweden Syrian Palestinian activist Abdullah Alwaly 57
France journalist Hussein Alzoabi 58
Canada Drama director Ghayth Ghariba 59
Syria Relief worker Mohd  Kamel Alkhalaf 60
Syria General coordinator , displaced com. Homs Ghylan Atasi 61
Qatar Political activist Alan Khudraki 62
USA Retired Engineer Younadam Younadam 63
Lebanon Political Activist Rakan Rajoub 64
Cech Engineer / People Party Louay Skaf 65
Qatar Member, the executive office,  tribal council Jihad Mohd Alfaoori 66
Netherlands Writer & Journalist Majdoleen Alrefaee 67
UAE Engineer Riyad Alsoofi 68
Austria Language trainer & Translator Lina Gharibeh 69
Turkey Teacher Fakhr Shalab Elsham 70
France Relief activist Ahmad Alhameed 71
France Free business Khalid Almesri 72
USA Free Business Rozkallah Shakoor 73
Florida Fine Artist Sohair Alsebaee 74
Turkey Media Activist Wehad Alhaj Essa 75
Sweden Civil activist Sami Dawood 76
Lebanon Retired school headmaster Rasha Harooq 77
France Writer & journalsit Asad Alfakhri 78
Greece Engineer Nezar Balboos 79
UAE Fine Artist Rabeea Alakhras 81
Lebanon Political writer Masaoud Mohamad 82
Germany teacher Hussein Alhaj Hussein 83
Finland Democratic People Party Ahmad Alsherqat 84
Canada Artist Sulaiman Attaya 85
Ukrain Activist Khalid Jamal 86
Poet / Syrian Middle Party Waleed Ghalib Alhusaina 87
Palestin Poet Turki Amer 88
Turky Writer & Journalist Hafez Qarqoot 89
Canada Writer Abdulrahman Matter 90
Canada Human right activist Hamad Murad 91
Spain sculptor Assem Elbacha 92
France Lawyer & Activist Ibrahim Malki 93
Stockholm Activist teacher Raghda Zeino 94
Kiev اUniversity Professor Salah Saleh 95
Egypt Architecture Ahmad Shaqlab 96
Turkey Writer & media person Osama Aghi 97
Belgium Cartoonist Hussam Alsadi 98
Saudi Cartoonist Kameran Shamdeen 99
Saudi Media person Ali Mohamad Taha 100
UAE Contractor Ali Zahreldeen 101
Norway Syrian Palestinian Engineer Jamal Yanes 102
Lebanon Activist Waleed Saleh 103
Turkey Engineer Samar Alooni 104
Turkey Activist Hend Aqeel 105
UAE Retired teacher Hayel M. Meshal turkawi 106
Germany Activist Yousef Alkhateeb 107
Sweden Fine Artist Rabiya Ibrahim 108
Sweden Journalist and translator Noor Martini 109
France Writer & Journalist Asaad Al Fakhri 110
Qatar Jordanian teacher Ayman Dwkikat 111
Saudi Civil engineer Mahmoud Aldallal 112
Saudi Fine Artist & writer Abdulrazzaq Kanjo 113
Journalist Ali Alayed 114
Journalist Ahmad Mawlood Altayar 115
Writer Khedr Alagha 116
Engineer Ali Jarrah 117
Artist Bassam Qutaifan 118
Writer & Activist Fadi Kahloos 119
Doctor of medicine Ossama Bakeer 120
Teacher Mahmoud Alqaddah 121
Activist Ahmad Arabi 122
Civil Engineer Ismael Alashqar 123
Lawyer Abdulhakeem Ghanoom 124
Journalist Fadi Adam Saad 125
Journalist Mustafa Aloosh 126
Human right activist Hassan Husein 127
Economist Nabeel Marzooq 129
Activist Easa Break 130
Activist Marwan Alach 131
Engineer Ali Jaraah 132
Free business Samer Aslan 133
Netherlands Fred Gurée Como 134
Boston Youla Hanna 135


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