A Plea to All Free Syrians: A Movement for A Democratic Consultants Committee

As we observe the reality of our situation, we urge all free Syrians to help to:

– Call on the international community to enforce an immediate stop to the bloodshed in Syria.

– Restore the autonomy of the Syrian people and limit the interference of international and regional powers involved in the Syrian crisis; stop the deviation from the Geneva Declaration and United Nations resolutions by Syrian forces promoting agendas that legitimize the existence and role of interfering parties, including occupying forces or organizations and figures classified as “opposition” supporting the survival of the system of murder, tyranny and dictatorship.

– Avoid the recurrence of problems and obstacles that have hindered our cause and our people in the past, and achieve a qualitative breakthrough respected by the international community and reference bodies, institutions and consultative figures in the influential countries involved in the Syrian issue.

– Ensure respect for the choices of the Syrian people who aspire to freedom, dignity, justice and equality for all, and support the organizations and personalities seeking to preserve the constants of the revolution and the international reference to the political solution in Syria as laid out in the Geneva Declaration 1 to resolution 2401,

We believe that a national initiative should be launched, focusing on the following points. Firstly:

1. Protect the constants of the revolution by restoring Syria to the Syrians, emphasizing the importance of adherence to the Geneva process and UN resolutions, particularly resolutions 2118 and 2254, in order to eliminate tyranny and to achieve a targeted and scheduled political transition process.

2. Provide the appropriate climate for a constitutional process that will enable Syrians to write their constitution guaranteeing equality for all, ensuring the rights of citizenship and human dignity without distinction as to race (or any component, such as Arab, Kurd, Turk, Assyrian, Armenian, etc.), creed or sex; the establishment of state institutions enshrined in a constitutional system guaranteeing equality of rights and duties for all individuals, affirming the separation of religion from the state while ensuring the protection of all beliefs for all human groups residing on Syrian soil.

3. Focus on addressing the basic, urgent and non-negotiable issues in the Syrian reality – most importantly to stop the fighting, release the detainees, investigate the fate of the disappeared and the kidnappers, lift the siege on besieged areas and allow aid to enter and secure a safe return for displaced persons and refugees.

4. Work to get foreign forces out of all Syrian territory through diplomatic channels and popular pressure.

5. Establish a Syrian national fund with professional and legal credibility that helps restore normality to Syrian lives, urgently supports the needs and contributes to the provision of a professional media body that defends the right of Syrians to life and their right to build their country, and addresses the campaigns of distortion which plague the Syrian issue.

Secondly, reject the pretext of fighting terrorism. Since the international community claims concern for the Syrian people and the right to determine their country’s future, we believe that the repeated failure of the Geneva meetings to implement the Geneva reference shows the futility of continuing to disregard the suffering our Syrian people by those world powers. This fact should compel all interested parties – everybody claiming to be part of the opposition, representative of the revolution, or supporter of the right of the Syrian people to determine their future freely and without being terrified by the regime or factions – to immediately focus on unifying forces and call on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and demand issuance of a decision under Seventh Charter to force the Syrian regime to engage in a political solution in compliance with the international reference for achieving political transition.

Thirdly, taking into consideration the Syrian situation and its status, regionally and internationally, and based on the objectives of our initiative, we seek to form an advisory body qualified to provide advice and practical proposals to support our cause and our people. We call upon the signatories to this call to form this body from national figures who have scientific and research competencies, and those with expertise, especially in communicating with the international community and Syrian society. This body should include national figures with a history of struggle not affiliated with any faction or state or agenda, without any personal or party interest, now nor in the future. Our goal for this body is to present a strong unified voice of the most free Syrians as a consultant and a reference to coordinate with other faithful Syrians to form a national bloc to represent the revolution and the opposition.

We request that those Syrians who support this initiative and its objectives, and are willing to be nominees to the Advisory Committee or any of the committees that will emerge from it, to send a brief of their experience and qualifications to syrianconcom@gmail.com (specifying their area of expertise). Names will be put to the vote through Messenger to select 10 members for the Advisory Committee.

Disclaimer We, the owners of the initiative, would like to affirm that we are not authorized by any body, nor do we support or authorize any individual or organization in the ongoing Syrian crisis. We aim to build a Syrian case that transcends personality, fragmentation and emotion, and results in a free, stable and responsible nation committed to the Syrian homeland and its will, liberated from tyranny and occupation. We aim for a Syrian homeland worthy of the sacrifices made on its soil. We aim for the rule of law, which preserves the dignity of citizens their rights and superiority without distinction between ethnicity, religion and gender, supports the good and sincere and seeks to bring down the shallow.

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