The Syrian Democratic Consultants Committee(SDCC) is a project that originates from The Center for Environmental and Social Development. CESD operates in the United States as defined under Section 501 (c)(3)

The committee was established as a civilian body composed of Syrian academic specialists from various fields, and independent national Syrians. We seek to become a credible reference in upholding the objectives of the Syrian people through research institutions and decision makers throughout the international community. The goals of the SDCC are as follows:

  1. Reconstruct a unified Syria on the basis of political and democratic pluralism, centralizing the concept of just and equal citizenship for all Syrians, and ensuring respect for freedoms and human dignity
  2. Consolidate the principle of separation among authorities and the application of transitional justice, as well as the principle of legal sovereignty in order to enable Syria to become a state of law that is capable of effective institutions
  3. Separate religion from state while supporting the protection of beliefs from all components of the Syrian people
  4. Reject religious politicization, and adopt the principle of a peaceful transfer of power
  5. Effectively participate in planning the reconstruction of areas destroyed by the war
  6. Enable reconstruction of the educational system on the basis of modernity, freedom, and empowerment of women in a manner appropriate to Syria’s future and the aspiration of its people in regaining its role through creative and sustainable integrated development, in order to achieve prosperity