The Syrian Democratic Consultants Committee is new a Syrian national initiative focusing on Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights

The targets:

1. Protect the constants of the revolution by restoring Syria to the Syrians, emphasizing the importance of adherence to the Geneva process and UN resolutions, particularly resolutions 2118 and 2254, in order to eliminate tyranny and to achieve a targeted and scheduled political transition process.

2. Provide the appropriate climate for a constitutional process that will enable Syrians to write their constitution guaranteeing equality for all, ensuring the rights of citizenship and human dignity without distinction as to race (or any component, such as Arab, Kurd, Turk, Assyrian, Armenian, etc.), creed or sex; the establishment of state institutions enshrined in a constitutional system guaranteeing equality of rights and duties for all individuals.

3- affirming the separation of religion from the state while ensuring the protection of all beliefs for all human groups residing on Syrian soil.

4. Focus on addressing the basic, urgent and non-negotiable issues in the Syrian reality – most importantly to stop the fighting, release the detainees, investigate the fate of the disappeared and the kidnappers, lift the siege on besieged areas and allow aid to enter and secure a safe return for displaced persons and refugees.

5. Work to get foreign forces out of all Syrian territory through diplomatic channels and popular pressure.

6. Establish a Syrian national fund with professional and legal credibility that helps restore normality to Syrian lives, urgently supports the needs and contributes to the provision of a professional media body that defends the right of Syrians to life and their right to build their country, and addresses the campaigns of distortion which plague the Syrian issue.